Ramona Meharg Director at Large

I’m excited to be a part of the ECOO board for the next two years and support the work that our members are doing in classrooms around the Province.

I am a Secondary School Special Education Teacher with the Thames Valley District School Board, excited about the opportunities that technology can open up for our learners.  I’m passionate about helping students with disabilities use technology to level the educational and real world playing fields. In my twenty-fourth year of my EDU-journey, I currently work in a Developmental Education setting, but have also taught History, English, been a Learning Support Teacher and a Special Education Department Head.

I’m still pretty new to ECOO, but I’ve been an avid attender and presenter at the annual Bring It Together Conference, Minds On Media and have hosted an ECCO Twitter chat.

Beyond ECCO…

  • I host a regular podcast on voicEdRadio Radio called “I Wish I Knew – EDU” where I talk to Educators around the world about, well, things they wish they knew when they started teaching and all the amazing things they are doing every day.
  • My blog shares my thoughts and reflections about my educational journey and can be found at  My Circus My Monkeys
  • I have presented on various educational technology and special education connections/applications at the Board level, for OSSTF and co-hosted a 3 day Summer Institute for OTF at Western University in 2018.
  • I’m a Certified Apple Teacher, FlipGrid Educator, and Google Certified Educator Level 1 & 2.

I love to connect with other Educators through Twitter and can be found @RamonaMeharg